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We are an elite team of Ninjas, determined to save the world… nah, not exactly.

But we are a team of highly motivated and driven individuals that are looking for people that are self driven and passionate!

Come Help Us Make the World Healthier.

We are Team FLAB (Team Fitness Like A Boss) and although the acronym may be a bit of an oxymoron, have no doubt, we’re hyper-focused on building a business around health and fitness.

We work with you one-on-one, and we’ll give you all the tools and training you need to succeed.

Team Benefits


We will keep you on track, and on target to meet goals.

Free Resources

Free Website with domain, plugins, themes, and more all included.


We not only run this business together, we workout together.


Learn what works within our niche market AND… what doesn’t.


Your back office is loaded with real world training you’ll love!


We’ll work together setting realistic goals, and steps to get there.

Three Pillars = Amazing Success

Our weight loss formula focuses on three pillars.


First and foremost is eating healthy, you can’t out train a bad diet.  Shakeology helps curb appetite and eating plans help you stay on track.


Beachbody offers dozens of workout programs, either online, or through DVD sets.  You get to workout in your own home, when YOU want.


We run online groups (Facebook) that everyone is required to check in on daily.  It’s a fun way to make sure you’re keeping up!

The Details

We are partnered with Beachbody for our workout programs, including a full on demand lineup of world class trainers, as well as their game-changer nutrition shake, aptly name Shakeology.

Beachbody fosters a culture of “help each” above all else.  We drum that same beat here, we help each other with weight loss goals first (be the product), and we do that while getting others to jump on board with us (helping them as well).  It’s a win, win, win!

How Do I Make Money?

Signing up with us gets you a FREE website, with a custom domain name, where you’ll be able to brand yourself as a Coach in helping others reach their weight loss goals and maybe even run a business just like you.

You’ll earn commissions primarily from the first two pillars above, Nutrition in the form of Shakeology, and Fitness in the form of workout programs or ondemand workout subscriptions.

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